Meet Balthazar & Brisco

From the start B+B Cleaners was inspired by home and all those who fill it. In keeping with that spirit, we want to bring you one step further into ours. Allow us to officially introduce you to Balthazar and Brisco. Afterall, B+B Cleaners was named for them. Zar is a Brussels Griffon and Brisco is…let’s just say…he’s a medley of love, happiness, zen and a dash of nutso when he’s in the snow and sand. They can be found at the office nearly everyday of the week under a desk, or on a lap.

We believe in keeping our household cleaners safe for the environment and safe for your family, especially the 4 legged VIP members.


B+B Cleaners is a new line of eco-friendly household cleaners designed specifically for each surface they clean. True Veue glass cleaner, Daily Stohn granite cleaner, and Pure Stiel stainless steel cleaner are available online individually or in our best selling 4 bottle multi pack.

Posted By Sarah Forrer
February 15, 2017
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