How to clean granite countertops with Daily Stohn Granite Cleaner 

Daily Stohn Granite Cleaner protects, cleans, polishes and restores your natural surfaces while providing a non-greasy, streak-free finish. It’s safe for taking care of granite, marble and all hard surfaces. We chose eco-friendly ingredients and utilized the newest technology. So when you clean overtime it creates a protective barrier and smooths out the microscopic imperfections on the surfaces. Cleaning with Daily Stohn Granite Cleaner keeps your surfaces cleaner in turn making them easier to clean!

A tip for keeping granite counters clean is keeping them clear. Try to avoid leaving soaps and other items like bottles of lotions on them. This not only avoids clutter it also prevents residues from building up at the bottoms of the containers which can cause discoloring and overall harm your stone. We also recommend using microfiber cloths with any of our household cleaners. Dirt adheres to the cloth instead of just pushing dust around.  Not only is cleaning with reusable microfiber cloths also more economical, but it’s better for the environment too.

Our Granite cleaning process is simple!

1. We suggest you clear your surface
2. Wipe it down to remove excess dust and dirt. For best results thoroughly clean and wipe down surface with a microfiber cloth.
3. Liberally spray Daily Stohn Granite Cleaner. Daily Stohn Granite Cleaner is low maintenance and doesn’t require you to heavily buff out your surface like so many other greasy granite cleaners.
4. Wipe down your surface until it’s visibly dry or leave a bit of a sheen. Either way you’ll know your granite is clean, smelling good and looking new!
Using Daily Stohn Granite Cleaner will help you take care of, disinfect, restore and renew not only your granite countertops but all the stone surfaces in your home.



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*Attached photos of kitchens and countertops were found online and represent designs we love and stone surfaces we have no doubt we could tackle with Daily Stohn Granite Cleaner.
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